Using Language Yoga to Process Fear

So I had a pretty intense dream last night where I used a Language Yoga tool to process fear in my dreams. Holy crap, it worked!

Check this out.

So in my dream, I was at this guys house, and it turned into a space ship. This part was really cool. We went somewhere, then landed back in this same house. The energy was pretty spectacular, but don’t remember much details. Now, the next part gets a little weird. There seemed to be an eerie feeling once we got back from the trip. Something was outta wack. I saw written on a chalk board:

“I am a deeemmmonnn.”
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I’m Calling Myself Out! – A Language Yoga Translation

Language Yoga Immersion

This translation I’m going to leave as anonymous, even though I know who it is from. I have no intention of defaming anyone, or ruffling feathers. The point here is to explain what a Language Yoga Translation is, and how one can Call Myself Out.

“The Federal Reserve is completely and totally out of control, and Congress needs to start exerting power over it. Hopefully the American people will start to send more representatives to Washington D.C. that understand this. “

Language Yoga Translation

I AM completely and totally out of control, and I need to start exerting power over MYSELF. Hopefully I will start to send more MORE PARTS OF MYSELF back to ME that understand this.
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Re: I Myself the Illuminati

I sent my original article to a friend, and their reply back to me was so good, I’m posting it. More pieces of data added to the pot. Injoy! – wyndstorm

The fractalization seems to have occurred first in the creation of a hierarchy.  The first separation, followed by the polarities of “light” and “dark” as entities reacted in different ways to the loss of freedom caused by a hierarchy and the restriction on movement, energies, place, and being.   Light was defined by “service to others” and dark was defined as “service to self” at the expense of others through competition. What seems to me missing from all this was Love.  Those in the light have a conditional love for their tribe of “Light” and even those in the “Dark” love their children…to one degree or another, else they would not have been so obsessed with bloodlines.   I have fractals of me that were beautiful light beings, and some dark ones, and some that were even double agents for both sides but working to bring down the matrix, and I found one “fractal” that seemed to be a thought form more than it was a being, it was full of light and not dark but I got no sense of love either, just a sense of duty and purpose and a high degree of intelligence.
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I Myself the Illuminati


That’s right, this face here, I Myself Illuminati

The next paragraphs are not intended to be “spooky.” Nor am I actually claiming that I am a member of the “family.” Nope, instead I AM consciously choosing to process deep fears within myself, with the intention of transforming the energy into a balanced frequency. Not positive, nor negative, simply processing fears which I hope assists the reader as well in harmonizing the polarity within themselves.

My secret “agenda” perhaps, through these mergings is to harness the power these secret society people wield. They have the “financial” resources; well I want them to create a balanced dimensional reality. They have the land; well I want the land to live on and create an empowered dimensional space free from financial enslavement. If I’m going to live on this planet, I want to create freely, unencumbered by the illusion of lack and limitation. I am ready to expand, on this physical plane called Earth. And so it is.

– wyndstorm

I Myself the Illuminati

This one, I’m going to injoy merging with. These people have always fascinated me. Hollywood in particular, has always been intriguing. How do people become “famous” anyway? And what price do they really “pay” to get placed in the limelight? So many secrets, facades, death, murder, black/white magic, symbolism, and ritual.

Who are these people? They call themselves the Illuminati, the “Illuminated” ones, but really, what’s the deal? After doing much research and falling down the rabbit hole of knowledge (of Good and Evil, perhaps?), this is what I’ve concluded, and why this is one my favorite mergings of all.

I value Free Will Choice. I myself, am given the opportunity to choose between experiencing a positive or negative polarity on this Wheel of Life. It’s that age old adage, “how would one know ‘good’ if one didn’t experience ‘evil,’ or ‘bad’?” The challenges I’ve experienced in my life, like the flower growing out of a cement sidewalk, have “built my character.” But I remember, its simply a game, a real illusion. And It sure is fun being an actor in a Grand Cosmic Play.

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Language Yoga Changed My life


Language Yoga has dramatically changed my life and the way I perceive reality. As a highly clairsentient (empathic) and claircognizant (knowing) being, when I was growing up I couldn’t tell the difference between my feelings and emotions from another humans’. I used to interpret other peoples inner unhappiness as their personal opinion of what they thought of me, thus leading to people pleasing, entanglements, and other dysfunctional interpersonal habits.

I also thought that every other human used to perceive reality exactly the way I do. Boy, was that a strong misconception. Feeling so much of the world and people around me, my personal boundaries were thin, if almost non-existant. I became entangled up in other people’s dysfunctional feelings and thought patterns, along with creating multitudes of my own. It wasn’t until after December 21, 2012 that my perception of reality dramatically shifted.

I waited for that date for 15 years, not knowing what the details would be, but not having any expectations either. I remember calling a girlfriend a few days later and exclaiming how happy I was we didn’t blow ourselves up! Yay! We made it! Now what?

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Language Yoga – Shield and Sword : A Poem

shield and sword

A shield
Creates an effective boundary
A form of self protection
It is it’s own torus field
Torus shield

A sword
Penetrates a boundary
Merging through another
Another object
Another breathing
Another being

Using a sword
A delicate dance
Sometimes tragic
But beautiful
Sometimes solely used as an expression of art
Sometimes solely used to create endings
Which lead to new beginnings

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I Myself Monsanto

#languageyogaI’ll admit, this is a part of my shadow that I wished it wouldn’t be there.

Monsanto logoI Myself Monsanto. It’s really hard for me to own this part of myself. Sure it may look like there are “other” people planning on killing off the population of the planet, but what about the parts of me that used to think that? Or the parts of me inbodied in other humans that believe the myth that “there’s too many people.” I do remember being in the Hot Springs in Ojai, CA early 2012 with these “serious” melodramatic tribal kids with paint on their faces, mentioning something about overpopulation, and I remember interjecting into their conversation something like, “well, there’s plenty of land available. So much empty space!” They looked at me a bit strangely, as if I was ruining their righteous train of thought, totally brainwashed by BS propaganda. If we as a society rethought the way we live as a collective, we could easily solve this issue without resorting to killing 80% of the population.

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