Using Language Yoga to Process Fear

So I had a pretty intense dream last night where I used a Language Yoga tool to process fear in my dreams. Holy crap, it worked!

Check this out.

So in my dream, I was at this guys house, and it turned into a space ship. This part was really cool. We went somewhere, then landed back in this same house. The energy was pretty spectacular, but don’t remember much details. Now, the next part gets a little weird. There seemed to be an eerie feeling once we got back from the trip. Something was outta wack. I saw written on a chalk board:

“I am a deeemmmonnn.”

The room and myself started to get a bit wobbly. I said out loud in the dream, ” I command that you vacate my space immediately.” But it took all my energy to get those words out of my dream world mouth. That sentence was really hard to say!

I said it again, still really hard to spit out, but I did it. However the energy was still there, the demon, was still in my space. He did not leave. I finally found where he was in my dream. He was in a physical caucasian human form, with sunken eyes, looking a bit like a James Dean vampire type standing by the stairwell. I was actually surprised that I didn’t see him before I entered the house.

I’m not usually clairaudient, but I could hear voices in my head now as the dream was happening. I remember asking myself in my dream if that had worked, and I heard my partner say, “no it didn’t.” That actually woke up up outta the dream world for a second, because it sounded too real and I thought Ethan actually said that out loud. Nope, he was sound asleep. But then I fell back asleep too, and right back to where I was in the dream.

So back at it, I realized vanquishing him didn’t work. Time for Plan B. So I began to merge myself with him. I started saying in my mind in the dream, not out loud this time, “I Myself Demon, I Myself Demon.”

IMG_1065I looked at myself in the mirror and my face started to become hollow, started to melt. The pic shown here on the left is the best image I found to show you all what I saw. Imagine the image in movie format, and the colors a dull brownish red, skin melting away to reveal my skull.

I could feel the fear entering my body, but what am I afraid of, myself? This demon is in my dream, and is essentially ME. I began to energetically merge and then I woke up.

The feeling was with me in my room. The house I was in was creaking and making noise. I thought to myself, “holy crap, I just merged with a demon! It’s all me, there is nothing to be afraid of. I AM this house, I AM these noises.”

I woke up feeling fuzzy, like the energy that had occurred in the dream transferred to this reality. Something inside me shifted.

This was how using the Language Yoga tool “I MYSELF” manifested in my dream to process fears. Looking back on other dreams I’ve had, if I didn’t have access to this tool and the knowledge behind why I would use it, I could have totally handled that dream differently.

Also, the group processing I’ve been doing with other people using these language techniques have been helping too. So if you’re reading this and want to join our party, you are most welcomed! Just send me an email through the Contact page.


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