I Myself the Illuminati


That’s right, this face here, I Myself Illuminati

The next paragraphs are not intended to be “spooky.” Nor am I actually claiming that I am a member of the “family.” Nope, instead I AM consciously choosing to process deep fears within myself, with the intention of transforming the energy into a balanced frequency. Not positive, nor negative, simply processing fears which I hope assists the reader as well in harmonizing the polarity within themselves.

My secret “agenda” perhaps, through these mergings is to harness the power these secret society people wield. They have the “financial” resources; well I want them to create a balanced dimensional reality. They have the land; well I want the land to live on and create an empowered dimensional space free from financial enslavement. If I’m going to live on this planet, I want to create freely, unencumbered by the illusion of lack and limitation. I am ready to expand, on this physical plane called Earth. And so it is.

– wyndstorm

I Myself the Illuminati

This one, I’m going to injoy merging with. These people have always fascinated me. Hollywood in particular, has always been intriguing. How do people become “famous” anyway? And what price do they really “pay” to get placed in the limelight? So many secrets, facades, death, murder, black/white magic, symbolism, and ritual.

Who are these people? They call themselves the Illuminati, the “Illuminated” ones, but really, what’s the deal? After doing much research and falling down the rabbit hole of knowledge (of Good and Evil, perhaps?), this is what I’ve concluded, and why this is one my favorite mergings of all.

I value Free Will Choice. I myself, am given the opportunity to choose between experiencing a positive or negative polarity on this Wheel of Life. It’s that age old adage, “how would one know ‘good’ if one didn’t experience ‘evil,’ or ‘bad’?” The challenges I’ve experienced in my life, like the flower growing out of a cement sidewalk, have “built my character.” But I remember, its simply a game, a real illusion. And It sure is fun being an actor in a Grand Cosmic Play.

I Myself Beyoncé / I Myself Jay Z

Lets take a look at these two characters in the Grand Cosmic Play. Beyoncé has openly admitted that she channels an entity that calls itself Sasha Fierce. Some have even speculated that she is in fact channeling a Demonic entity. Wow. That’s pretty interesting. By allowing this being to take over her body, she claims she has more power, energy, and even sings better. I Myself Sasha Fierce. Whoa. That just made me a bit high.

I merge this knowledge, this Being, this wisdom, with my Self. I channel and inbody my complete Spirit essence, unifying all fractals and sub-fractals back into this one body, that of ____, including the mental-emotional subtle bodies, and the physical elemental body she utilizes as her “vehicle.”

I AM harnessing the power of drawing all parts of me back into myself, and I intend on using this Power to align myself with all aspects of Creation and manifest my thoughts into reality, in alignment with Creator’s Thought. Hence, thy will be done.

The Tree of The Knowledge of Good And Evil

The Tree of The Knowledge of Good And Evil

The distinction between myself and Beyoncé is that since I have now tasted from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, I choose to merge myself back with the One Infinite Creator. Having lived and experienced “hell,” I know in my heart Truth vs. Illusion, and am becoming a Master of Discernment. Having experienced polarity, I consciously and actively choose to come back into balance within myself, which brings me one step closer to living in Oneness with All That Is. Maybe Beyoncé is doing that too, in her own little way? Only she could answer that question.


And here is another one… I Myself Jay Z. Have y’all seen this pic of a Jay Z look-alike from 1939. Isn’t that interesting? This part is purely speculation, buuuuuut, really interesting, huh? Could it be that the same consciousness inhabits a physical body, and continues on? Or did death even happen? Well, if that’s the case and by harnessing more aspects of Self, whether positive or negative, grants the gift of immortality, I gotta say, I’m interested. But let me be clear, It’s not that I wish to remain in this body. No, it’s that I wish to keep my Conscious Awareness in tact, posthumous.


In Yogananada’s life, when it came time to “drop the body.” he left this plane of existence with full consciousness. This is my intention; I intend to be fully present and take my consciousness, my awareness, with me into the other realms of existence, eyes wide open.

I Myself the 1%

I Myself the 1%. Merging is easier now. We all know who the 1% are right? You know, those wealthy “elite” people who run the planet. People like Bill Gates, and the Queen of England, and a variety of other E.T. DNA type humans who work behind the scenes. Yeah, those people.

Well, it just dawned on me. If there are ª300 Million humans who are awakening in consciousness to the higher dimensions within themselves on this planet, and there are 7 Billion people currently living on Earth, that would make the “ascending” humans less than 1% of the population. Whoa. That is a pretty strange coincidence.

Could it be that the “wealthy elite” are part of Creator’s Divine / Absolute Plan to essentially “graduate” a group of Spirit Essences ready to come back Home, within themselves, by demonstrating an extreme level of negative polarity? I think I could be onto something here… *wink wink

The other 1%And when I say “ascending” humanity, I mean to say that there are the group of Spirt Essences who are moving forward on their self-empowered evolutionary path. These folks are stepping into being Sovereign, healed, polarity balanced, sentient beings, fully “illuminated”, with a high level of universal unconditional love, acceptance, and honors all choices in the Law of Free Will.

What do I know about the “Elite”? These people are able to wield vast amounts of Power to influence the Collective consciousness. They command the wealth and resources of this planet and use them for their own benefit, on behalf of humanity. I know, sounds strange doesn’t it? The Elite’s actions are actually for humanity’s benefit? Yup it’s true. Creator Itself fractaled down into these various inbodyments to serve the role of playing the negative polarity in life experience so individual Spirit essences can choose to come back into balance within themselves, thus moving one step closer to Home.

The point of me merging with these shadow aspects of myself is to harness the energy that they wield on the planet, and in turn, “make things happen” again, unifying my will with Creator’s Will, merging back into Oneness, healing myself first through processing my fears, thus healing secondly my external environment. The environment can be healed rapidly, this I know to be true. It’s healing the self first

This is all an experiment in consciousness. I know that I won’t be able to see the effects of these “spells” immediately, only throughout time, and with that, I am patient.

I know this is all part of the Grand Cosmic Play. What a gift to forget, and given the choice to re-member again.


ª Note: This number is my best guess as to how many people are awakening at this time. I’ve heard this number projected several times amongst the online community, and as it lines up, this would be an appropriate number to represent the 1% of the population. There may even be 300 Million members in the “ruling elite” families, the 13 bloodlines currently incarnating at this time in human evolution. If anyone has any comments, data, or thoughts regarding this number, I welcome them..


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