Money is the Root of All Good

#languageyogaWe’ve all heard that phrase, “Money is the Root of All Evil.” Well, I’m turning it around using the #LanguageYoga “depolarization filter.” But before we do that, let’s take a look at how money got a bad rap.

In today’s society, money has been used to enslave the masses. A select few people (1% of the population) on this planet has aprox. 80% of the wealth. This imbalance fuels the victim/aggressor consciousness. It is easy to say that I’m a victim of poverty when it appears that there are other people on the planet purposely wired to steal the value of the planet ‘s resources, primarily it’s people. Yet, these “other people” are actually ME! I know, pretty crazy, right? But All is ONE, and the illusion that we are all separate from each other is just that, an illusion.

This illusion of separation comes in handy for a Spirit Essence choosing to experience separation from its Self. And when the Spirit Essence is complete in playing that game, it chooses to return Home. Some of us, our Spirit Essences, are making that choice right now, to return Home, or at least get a bit closer to it, to actually feel like we are back in Oneness. Experiencing life from perceived state of Oneness would hold all experience, whether positive or negative, equally in balance.

This is all part of the elaborate system set up by our higher selves to trigger human evolution and awaken those Eternal Spirit Essences ready and willing, from a 10,000 year slumber of conscious awareness.

I love and appreciate all those inbodyments who took the roles of the Powers That Were (PTW* – think Dick Cheney, George Bush (both!), Henry Kissinger, the Rockefeller’s, the Queen of England, the Pope, negative reptilians, etc.) for incarnating in this time/space dimension and playing such vital, and difficult parts in service to humanity. Because of the stark contrast, I AM now awake. Thank I.

Another illusion regarding money is that “you have to work hard” in order to get it. I personally know many people who were simply “born into” wealth and never really had to work hard a day in their life in order to “put food on the table.” I even look at people working the Stock Exchange (socially acceptable gambling), and are able to make twice the amount of money in a short period of time without really doing anything. So then it makes me wonder where this illusion of hard work originated. Maybe polarizing the phrase can shed a little light (no pun intended!) on the subject, shall we?

Depolarization filter – Activate! Flipping this phrase on it’s back side!

“Money is the Root of All Good.”

Ooooh. How does that make me feel? Or even, “Money is the Root of All God.” Refer back to my previous article where I correlate Good to God.

I’ll admit, this one is at first a bit tricky for me. Then I see all the benefits money has brought to our society. It has created a lot of things in our world. Before money, we were a simple tribal people, living off the land, but post-money, we now have 100 story skyscrapers, airplanes, and technologies that assist us in communicating with each other. It has provided humans with the proverbial “carrot on the stick,” which in turn provides us with motivation to “do.” However, what about those of us who simply wish to experience prosperity while doing our own thing, outside of the collective “work” model? How does money flow? I provide a service to others, and receive in return. It is an equal balance of exchange.

For example, I desire land so I can grow food and herbs for medicine, create a space for sanctuary, and give back to my community (wherever that would be). This would be my “money, my “currency” and my service to my community at large. I also write, and share my thoughts to the global community. Now, my thoughts and feelings alone manifest and create my environment and effects the world around me. This alone is valuable in itself. Which is why the PTW work so hard to spend billions of dollars conditioning and brainwashing humanity through propaganda to get them to think and feel specific thoughts thus keeping up the status quo. Buuuut, those agreeing to be brainwashed and conditioned are doing just that, agreeing, and this is a Free Will Choice universe.

In actuality, Money itself isn’t either “evil” or “good,” it is simply a carrier of energy, a current and flow, remaining neutral in who chooses to work with it. Money does have the ability to be used for either polarity, positive or negative. But i don’t feel money really cares. I actually kinda have the feeling it simply wants to exist and play with humanity.

This feels like something new to me. Like money itself is an energetic being wishing to be utilized amongst humans to have some type of experience, just like the way a Spirit Essence would in inhabiting a body.

As I walk in this world aiming to bring my inner world back into balance in all ways, I wonder how this new insight and realization will align myself with my outer experience of reality. I am open any other insights and dialogues, because I feel that I’m just beginning to know and experience what it feels like for money being the “root of all good.”

What else is possible? I Myself Money!


* For more insight into the grander picture of the illuminati’s service to humanity, click here for an insider perspective.


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