Language Yoga Changed My life


Language Yoga has dramatically changed my life and the way I perceive reality. As a highly clairsentient (empathic) and claircognizant (knowing) being, when I was growing up I couldn’t tell the difference between my feelings and emotions from another humans’. I used to interpret other peoples inner unhappiness as their personal opinion of what they thought of me, thus leading to people pleasing, entanglements, and other dysfunctional interpersonal habits.

I also thought that every other human used to perceive reality exactly the way I do. Boy, was that a strong misconception. Feeling so much of the world and people around me, my personal boundaries were thin, if almost non-existant. I became entangled up in other people’s dysfunctional feelings and thought patterns, along with creating multitudes of my own. It wasn’t until after December 21, 2012 that my perception of reality dramatically shifted.

I waited for that date for 15 years, not knowing what the details would be, but not having any expectations either. I remember calling a girlfriend a few days later and exclaiming how happy I was we didn’t blow ourselves up! Yay! We made it! Now what?

I knew the world for me would change, but I didn’t know how. What shifted for me was knowledge and perception. I finally figured out my life long mystery of how the “system” operates, where the value of money really comes from, how to approach purported “authority” figures, and how the Global Financial system, and “Governments” of the world control humanity and why.

I processed a lot of fear regarding this new knowledge and used this information to further empower myself. What I came to realize is that each individual is solely responsibly for setting themselves free from their self created mental and emotional prison. No one else can do it for them. Not even “God” Itself.

The other massive radical shift was becoming aware of Language Yoga. The tool was revealed to friends of mine as a result of our time spent during our 12/21/12 Winter Solstice Ceremony. A few days post Solstice, we experienced a “falling out.” I knew they were disappointed that no big “shift” or “change” occurred on that specific day, and I knew they “blamed” me for getting their hopes up. But I knew better. I was willing to push the envelope and sacrifice a friendship even if it meant that my dear friends may never come around, and may continue hold onto resentments, and other ego attachments. But then again, even then, a part of me knew better.

Still energetically connected to my two friends, I could feel them and where they were at on their journey, but I didn’t know the power of this Tool. I wrote them an email, feeling “special,” even “important,” in my claircognizant abilities, and in turn they used my exact words and turned it back on me to take responsibility for my language. This stung, and prompted me to call them after 8 months of silence. Through this discourse, something triggered in me as to the validity of “Calling Myself Out” when perceiving the realities of other people. I really have no idea what other people perceive, and the only one I can truly know is only Myself. I began using “I AM” language in all of my interactions, especially those interactions when speaking with ME, in my own inner dialogue.

Now, 18 months later, this tool has radically altered every aspect of my inner world. I feel more solid in knowing where I begin, and where I end. My boundaries are strong. I don’t feel the need to “save” people from themselves. I don’t feel the need to know how other humans perceive reality, and I don’t feel or require they need to perceive reality just like me. I value the diversity, uniqueness, and distinction between each and every human. I feel clearer in my perception of the world, and am a better “healer” because of it.

Just the other day, a woman in our “community” here in Guatemala was having a difficult time with a breakup with her boyfriend. She was literally falling apart. The little birdie on my shoulder kept prompting me to see if she wanted a Reiki session. Now, its been years since I did any type of healing word, and 12 years since my Reiki Level 1 activation, but I simply trusted my intuition. She was interested, even though she said, “I don’t really believe in any of this stuff.” With that I replied “that’s fine, you don’t have to,” because I know all it takes is intention and attention. I got really excited, and a bit nervous, almost jittery. But then I reminded myself that all I need to do is simply be the vessel, get my small self outta the way, and allow Source to do the work. Piece. Of. Cake.

Ethan and I set the space, smudged the room, called in our Highest Selves and prepared for the session. I know I can’t heal anyone, I can only create the space for them to be able to heal themselves. Several times during the session, Ethan and I, silently of course, used our own Language Yoga Mantras that we made up on the fly. When I placed my hand on top of her hands, one on her heart, and one on her solar plexus, I said to myself, “I am strong in myself, I am strong in myself, etc.” Ethan’s mantra, while his hands were placed at her feet, was, “I love myself effortlessly.” I have come to know and experience so profoundly, I can’t heal any one else, I can’t heal “You,” I can only heal myself. Two days later, when we returned from a two day trip across the lake, her energy is lighter, she’s not crying anymore, and even more people started showing up to stay at the little Eco-Village Hostel/Hotel. And the healthy energy has continued.

This Language Yoga Tool has changed my life. I’m sure that the use and the effects of this linguistics Tool will be different for everyone. It’s so powerful being impeccable with one’s word, especially in one’s inner dialogue. Now it’s time to share this knowledge and wisdom with those ready to take their personal evolution to the next level, and create a container where people can experience the Tool to heal their minds, perceptions and themselves.


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