I Myself Monsanto

#languageyogaI’ll admit, this is a part of my shadow that I wished it wouldn’t be there.

Monsanto logoI Myself Monsanto. It’s really hard for me to own this part of myself. Sure it may look like there are “other” people planning on killing off the population of the planet, but what about the parts of me that used to think that? Or the parts of me inbodied in other humans that believe the myth that “there’s too many people.” I do remember being in the Hot Springs in Ojai, CA early 2012 with these “serious” melodramatic tribal kids with paint on their faces, mentioning something about overpopulation, and I remember interjecting into their conversation something like, “well, there’s plenty of land available. So much empty space!” They looked at me a bit strangely, as if I was ruining their righteous train of thought, totally brainwashed by BS propaganda. If we as a society rethought the way we live as a collective, we could easily solve this issue without resorting to killing 80% of the population.

I never used to believe the theory that the world is “over populated,” even in my darkest moments. My instincts would tell me (and they still do), that Mother Nature has the ability to provide endless amounts of abundance for all who inhabit this planet. IMO, it is the People who need to change the way they think about how society operates as a whole, and what ways would make our way of life more sustainable. Instead of pesticides, and mono-cropping, I propose biodiversity and permaculture in all farm plots. And I mean ALL farm plots across the nations. Sorry Big Ag, in my reality your days are numbered. I’m changing the way I think, time to spread the knowledge and see what catches fire.

Monsanto on the TerraI feel that what bothers me the most about Monsanto is that it looks like what they are doing to the planet and food effects large portions of our collective playground. I don’t like what they are doing to the Earth. I don’t approve of them “pooping” in my sandbox.

I am immediately reminded of Fukushima. For some reason, nuclear radiation doesn’t scare me. The sun emits radiation, and I love the sun. To me, Fukushima is man-made radiation that effects the water. It is effected by human emotions. What one resists, persists, and fear is an extremely powerful emotion. So for this, I’m going to integrate Inelia Benz’s Fear Processing Exercise, and look at the fear. I allow the fear to be and to grow. I say, “Fear, you are welcome here.”

A fear of Monsanto triggered in me. A part of me fears that their plans and intentions would be able to destroy the Terra, and kill off parts of the planet that would otherwise be lush and fertile if only they would leave it alone.

Flower Of LifeI Myself Monsanto, I Myself Monsanto, I Myself Monsanto. There. I am now harnessing the power of the Human Collective’s Subconscious Shadow by merging Myself with the energy that lives inside that word. I myself now have the power to effect the masses. Just like Monsanto has the ability to infiltrate whole countries with its hidden agenda of mass genocide of the land and people, I reclaim that power and transform it into Life Generating Sacred Geometry. Monsanto is now the Flower of Life.

What is the purpose of merging Myself with my environment or things that remain in my Shadow? To me, it’s like saying, “Fear, you are welcome here.” Doing this process is giving me an opportunity to look at internal feelings and process emotions stemming from False Evidence Appearing Real.

I Myself is an ancient Mayan Nahuatl incantation that brings power to the Speaker. Its almost like casting a spell. The power of that itself is a bit frightening. Looks like I’m processing more FEAR. One of the examples of an incantation involved merging the Speaker with corn. Do ya think it worked? It’s the intention and the attention of the Speaker.

There could be a fear in the Reader, perhaps, that I’d be bringing more power to Monsanto; that i would be encouraging it to grow and exist. With that I remind Myself, I AM is all there is. It is my intention which lies behind my incantation.

When I Google Monsanto, the images I see are primarily fighting against the Corporations “monstrosities.” I know fighting or resisting only feeds energy to the thing one is fighting against. Focusing energy of anger and disgust are powerful emotions that support the victim/aggressor paradigm. I want to shift it up a bit, where I Myself changes.

IMG_0914Monsanto as an entity, has exemplified its Power. It has commanded ample resources, is massively huge, and effects whole countries, whole populations. With that Power, I AM greatly impressed. With this incantation, I AM reclaiming that Power within Myself and channeling that raw Power back into my Life. By facing it head on, I AM reversing death and destruction, and amplifying the Sacred Geometrics of Life channeled through me.

At this current moment in time, I AM unaware of how powerful my incantation is, or what exactly the effects of my “spell” may be. Or what could happen when you, the reader, reads these words and effectively amplifies these statements. When things become clearer in time, I will share with you my wisdom and knowledge, and I hope you do the same in the comments below. Until then, I allow the magic to unfold.

My only intention is to channel and harness this energy to manifest my own visions and dreams for a bright future, a healthy planet, and for humans to collaborate and live harmoniously with nature, so that life for all may thrive effortlessly.

And one last thing that allows me to sleep at night. I know Mother Nature and Go(o)d Itself, is innately intelligent. I feel that if Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO Seeds) were left alone and not messed with, the original blueprint of the seed would manifest itself, canceling out all modifications. Life would continue as it had before, just the way Nature intended it to be.

I love I as Another myself – wyndstorm


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