How Can I Be One of the Architects of 5D Earth?

The following article is a piece I found written by By Dejan Davchevski, and can be found at The original title of the article is “How Can YOU Be One of the Architects of 5D Earth?”. I’m going to change this around a bit, and translate it into I Language through the Language Yoga tool. The Language Yoga tool translates all external pronouns (you, he, she, we, our, they, etc.) into internal pronouns (me, my, I, myself). Thank you Dejan for originally writing this article, you have said other pieces regarding 5D that compliments my previous article, “What is 5th Density / Dimension?” – wyndstorm 


First of all let’s get clear on one thing. MY galaxy is going through a solar radiation right at this moment. It started actually on December 21st, 2012.

The light is not visible, however, I have receptors in MY skin that can absorb this light. These receptors, when triggered, promote certain amino acids inside MY body which influences MY DNA. This is what I mean when I say “activate MY DNA.”

The receptors, however, are asleep to most of humans. They can be activated by feeling certain emotions like Love. Why is this? Why Love?

This Love is not the same “Love” like romantically loving another person. When I say Love, I mean the emotion of being MY natural SELF.

The MYSELF Vibration is a unity of male and female energies. This creates an emotion and a feeling I call Love, Freedom or Authenticity.

This emotion can only be established if I AM absent of fear, if I feel safe enough to be MYSELF.

Throughout history, I’ve suppressed this frequency because it was necessary for my survival to be afraid. Fear gave ME more awareness of the world around ME and I needed to rely more on MY senses.

The receptors of cosmic light, like the hairs on MY body, became flat and inactive. I was unable to absorb the frequency of the cosmos necessary for MY further evolution.

However, now, I AM pretty safe from wild animals and natural disasters. I can be comfortable enough to be ME, the real ME. Then why AM I still afraid?

Once I secured MY home, created cities and kingdoms, I started to be afraid of MYSELF because I saw what I was capable of. On the other hand, I have started to rely A LOT on MY Five (5) senses and anything that wasn’t sensed by them was not real.

I kept this mindset for A LONG TIME. Now, science is proving things that I subconsciously knew since the beginning, but I again cannot find the security to be who I AM. Why?

Well now, the systems I have created and the concept of “Money” “Fame” “Power” and the countless stereotypes, superstitions, false information and distractions forbid ME to be who I AM, even despite the fact that I scientifically know.

The thing is I will never be truly safe or comfortable. But here is the trick. I never was. Since I pushed the first domino of dominating the animals because I was afraid of them I started a chain reaction of fear promoted outcomes. Today I live inside a world founded on fear.

Since the beginning, I needed to be brave enough to be who I AM in the midst of that danger. That’s the secret of why some people live amongst the wildest animals, lions, wolfs and tigers without being attacked, because as soon as I start doubting who I AM I lose confidence.

Without confidence there is nothing to keep MY beliefs together and if I AM not together, fear takes over and animals sense that.


It is enough. Stop being afraid. Or not. But be brave. I Find that courage deep inside MYSELF, and I AM brave enough to be honest about who I AM. I unite MY male and female energies and become MYSELF. I vibrate with the I AM Frequency.

Now is the perfect time, because I have so much cosmic light around ME and just in a couple of months resonating on the LOVE Frequency, being in water and detoxifying MY body, I can activate MY DNA. I can evolve into a being of light, true light.

What is 5D Earth?

The concept of 5D Earth is based on the theory of dimensions. Let’s say that the first dimension is a dot, the essence, or the consciousness.

The first dimension than becomes a second dimension where the dot separates and becomes a line, a vibration. Soul and Essence; Male and Female; Time and Space; Expansion and Contraction; Frequency and Energy;

The 2 lines of second dimension touch and create the third dimension. This is a dimension of form, where expansion and contraction unite to create a Torus.

Believe it or not, first comes the spirit in the third dimension and separates to live on space being affected by time and the other part lives in space but is not affected by time. This is the DNA creating a body, and the Inner self of MY Inner World.

MY spirit lives in MY DNA, and through the body experiences the outer world. It also lives in MY Inner world which I explore with MY Inner self. The shadow of MY body is MY Inner self and vice versa. All of them are MY Spirit. So I discover MYSELF, and I discover with MYSELF.

The fourth dimension is actually where I live. It is the timeline, the constant change of one thing into another. Past and Future; What was and What will be; The beginning of time and eternity in a straight line.

The fifth dimension is where I will live when I flourish, when I create MY fruit. It is a world where I AM inside time and this means I can choose what timeline will serve ME best. It is not just one timeline but all.

It is a dimension where I find MYSELF, I find what was always the same in every possible outcome that I could have been in, depending on MY choices. What was always the true I AM.


When I AM saying I can be a designer of 5D Earth, I AM thinking oF ME creating MY own SELF.

I Find MY true frequency, I vibrate on it, I evolve and flourish into the best version I can be. I Energize that version of MYSELF into the highest intensity I can possibly promote and dissolve MY Spirit into this energy.

This way I can be sure I chose the best from every timeline. This way I can give a little of ME into the 5D Earth.

I know it sounds a little crazy and sci-fi but who cares. At least, if I try, I’ll live to MY fullest potential and what’s better than that?

original article found here :


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